When I first heard this, I told myself, this must be the craziest ever can be. How this life can be simple with so much to do in our daily life, like study hard, work even harder, earning is the hardest and finally, the relationship. Wow.. wow… wow…

This person who is my Boss, always says Life is Simple! One fine day, I asked him, How life can be simple? when I have to do all the above.

He Answered, no he asked me the following questions to ponder,
1. Why are you doing all the above?
2. who asked you to do?
3. Are you doing all the above for yourself or doing for others because of so called society?

I have answered him quickly for all the questions, but, He asked me think again before I answer. Then I come to know I don’t know why I am doing all this.
Boss replied, Don’t do if you don’t know why you’re doing it. Life is as SIMPLE like that.

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