LET go!

As we go on life we hook ourselves in so many things like family, friends, emotions, love, colleague... if this list is always sweet memories then it's good. But, we also on-board lot of other things like negativity, sorrow, bad gossips, overthinking, inferiority, superiority, ego etc., etc., which actually turns into traumas that affects you without even you realize it. 

Humans have the habit of remembering bad things in very detailed rather than the goodness. Can anyone list down any 10 good things happened in your life without even taking a moment to think. But we can easily complete the list for bad/negative things.

So, how does this relates to LET GO? Is that your question, Now going back to Paragraph 1, as we keep hook on to negative things in our life. At one point we feel stuck and can't move forward, can't feel the success and happiness. We feel frustrated but we don't realize we hooked on to so much of traumas that we carrying on. So LET it GO! LET GO of all those negativity.
How to LET GO? I am not carrying it.. Yes, we're not physically carrying it. But we are carrying it in our mind by thinking and holding on to it. That's why we can't think of anything to progress instead we feel sick and bad.

NOW, LET GO! close your eyes. take a deep breath and continue to breath slowly few times..

tell yourselves "I don't need this burden" keep doing it and LET it GO. You're the holding to it so you have to let go not the other way around.


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