learn to unlearn

We all know, what is learning? how to learn? But, What is Unlearn! How to unlearn?
The most confusing statement is learning to unlearn! Wah!!! even more confused is it?
But it is the easiest thing to do ever. Yup, until I practiced, it was the difficult and trickiest thing for me to even understand. How?
The Human mind always compares the present situation with the past either it can be our own or someone we know. That too if we have encountered any bad experience it stays ever as fresh and even we remember the details up to the minute it happened.
So, What unlearn means, simply, stop analysing the current situation with the previous encounters. either it is good or bad. Enjoy that moment. If you had bad moments, learn the lesson from the incident and when you face the same kind of situation, just apply the learnings instead you sit and analyze what happened last time.

The situation will repeat it to you until you learn from the experience and unlearn analyzing.

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