Teach, what you Practice!

Teach, what you Practice!

I am sharing my experience here to tell how beautiful the moment when you teach someone that you Practice something as part of your life.
Do not overthink!

Yes. It is not necessary to be a big thing or you don’t need to be a Buddha or Monk or Leader.

I always like to have my meal with someone (I don’t mind even if stranger), and practice to say “Thanks!” for every single thing that I receive or experience in a day to day life.

This person, Ms. A in my office always tries to be alone though she wants to talk and mingle around, She doesn’t. Last week, I requested her to have lunch with me and other colleagues. She came just for the sake of inviting. Then, it continued for few days. Now, She started having lunch with us regularly and spending lunch hour happily. Today I teach her to Thank and Appreciate every single thing in the life that she has and had a quite good chat.

Finally, She said that she felt very emotional, contended and felt happy WITHIN and

wow! Simple sharing changes someone’s day.

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